Firms rated in the top 25% in terms of employee experience have the best business value.

- MIT Center for Information Systems Research

Organizations operate at their optimum level when employees are empowered to do their best work and bring their best selves to work. An Employee Experience Platform (EXP) enables organizations put employees at the center of everything they do, ensure employee wellbeing and productivity, empower managers to build high-performing teams, and deliver business leaders with insights to help them drive better outcomes.

Recently announced Microsoft Viva EXP brings together everything an organization needs to rewire employee experience directly into the flow of daily work. As an integrated experience directly in Teams, Microsoft Viva adds new employee experience capabilities to Microsoft's popular teamworking platform.

Want to learn more about Microsoft Viva?

We have created a whitepaper titled “Transform the Employee Experience with Microsoft Viva”, wherein we have covered many essential aspects about Employee Experience and Microsoft Viva.

Download the whitepaper to understand:

  • Why Organizations should invest in Employee Experience?
  • How an EXP can drive better business outcomes?
  • What is Microsoft Viva and why it is a game-changer?
  • How Microsoft Viva will strengthen Teams?