We are thrilled to be delivering a technology session during the upcoming STAREAST Virtual 2021 conference (one of the longest-running and most respected conferences for software testing and quality assurance professionals).

We all know that test automation can work wonders. It can help organizations reduce cost, save time and effort, get quicker feedback, etc. thereby directly contributing to increased productivity and maximization of profits. However, not many organizations succeed in their automation quests. Often automation starts with a big promise and ends in frustration, budget overrun, or both.

During the session titled – “A Winning Approach to Test Automation that Guarantees Both Speed and Quality” our experts will be talking about the major roadblocks encountered by organizations in their test automation journeys.

Join our experts during this interactive session as they explore the steps and strategies that test teams can adopt to avoid challenges and to deliver superior quality software fast – all the while keeping the costs under check.

Key Takeaways

Among other things the session will be focusing on: 

  • How to set practical goals for test automation?
  • How to select a test automation tool befitting your purpose?
  • How to create winning test automation strategies?
  • How to automate your software pipeline at speed with TestOps?