The year’s biggest technology release - SharePoint 2019 is here and users are looking forward to unlock modern experiences and new capabilities with it, to scale their performance. But do you know, it is much more than a feature upgrade? SharePoint Server 2019 is about significant steps that Microsoft has taken to revolutionize the way you share and work together to make it simple, inform and engage through smooth communication, and transform business processes to help you work less, do more.

But before you invest money in it, explore how SharePoint Server 2019 delivers on its promise.

Watch the Webcast:
Get Smart with SharePoint 2019

We conducted an interactive webinar during which we discussed what improved features and advancement SharePoint Server 2019 has brought to accelerate performance at the workplace. We also discussed what’s new in SharePoint 2019, what’s been deprecated, upgraded and how can you plan a smooth migration or upgrade.

We Also Talked About:

  • Introduction to Server 2019: A trip to the newest version of SharePoint that explores key differentiators between 2016 and 2019 and a sneak peek into the new functionalities introduced.
  • Smarter Tools for Easy Transition: Moving to SharePoint 2019 isn’t a small feat; it requires smarter tools to build a migration plan that is faster and fool-proof. Our experts explored these tools and the best way they can be utilized for a smooth transition.